Virtualization Solutions

All levels of consultancy, configuration and technical support services towards virtualization solutions are provided according to customer demands. Solutions are created in accordance with current technologies in collaboration with leading manufacturers. Virtualization greatly improves companies' BT processes by reducing the hardware requirements, energy and cooling costs, simplifying management and maintaining high business continuity.

Virtualization can be briefly summarized as server, desktop, application and storage.

Server Virtualization

Physical servers used to hold multiple services, which lead to inefficient use of resources and services not being isolated from each other, creating security risks. Server virtualization reduced the server hardware resource requirements and thus replaced the high end servers with traditional servers, creating a new standard.

Application Virtualization

Even though server virtualization reduced hardware resource requirements, the creation of a new virtual server for each application caused data to be duplicated and resources needed to use this data prevented a more efficient system. With application virtualization, all computing is done on the server, only the output (screen) is send to the clients. This way, the compatibility issues of old applications are solved and applications that require high resources can be deployed on low powered client hardware.

Desktop Virtualization

Corporations heavily invest on maintaining and managing business continuity and security at their own data centers. But the necessity of the end user devices to the business processes is inevitable and these devices are not always within the corporation's network. Managing the operation of all end user devices that operate separately and transferring them to new devices when they complete their life cycles creates a heavy work load. With desktop virtualization solutions, the end users information and data are located within the data center servers, thus easing security and management. Because all the computing is done on the server, thin clients, zero clients , desktop or laptop computers that have completed their economical life cycles can be deployed.

Storage Space Virtualization

Managing multiple storage units in a corporate data center requires time and effort. Storage space virtualization offers solutions to reduce these management difficulties. It can also transfer data without interruption and helps maintain the client's existing investment by allowing the client to use current technologies on their old devices.