Next generation data centers

Data centers became very complicated and hard to manage due to heavy work load and difficulties of holding different technologies together. IT units nowadays spend most of their time on maintaining data centers; they don't have time to do their actual job of supporting companies with IT services.

Next generation data centers aim to simplify the work without reducing the workload, automatize most tasks and allow IT units to get back on their actual jobs.

Next generation data centers

  • are made up of elements which are defined (managed) by software; dynamically these components can be managed by software and can detect and respond to application requirements in real time.

  • have private and public cloud based hybrid work environments; these cloud systems are integrated to traditional systems.

  • are always up and running; they keep operating during breakdowns and maintenances.

  • can take precautions before problems occur using analysis software that monitor systems and integrated artificial intelligence solutions; the system can automatically respond to unusual events by learning the system behaviors.

  • can integrate the whole system and monitor it from one screen.

The Gartner reports predict that by the year 2020, there are going to be over 26 billion devices connected to the internet. Researches from leading technology companies show that 70% of companies use IoT project data to improve their companies.